Haematoxylon brasiletto or Palu Brasil of Brazia

Haematoxylon brasiletto or Palu Brasil or Brazia grows on almost all soils in Curaçao. Also grows in Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico and Central-America. Seems to rare in Aruba.

In dry season it is completely leafless, but after one good rain shower, it  blooms quickly after which the leaves come. The flowers are yellow. For this reason the tree is sometimes confused with the "Kibrahacha"  (Tabebuia billbergii). This one is also leafless for a large part of the year and also blooms after the first rainshowers.

The Brazia, has an almost black, very capicious trunk. It is a hardwood species. In the past their trunks and branches were sawn into thin slices and processed into souvernirs to be sold to tourist and locals.

The tree is very suitable as an avenue tree (instead of imported trees), but also as beautiful low maintenance tree for in the garden. In Curaçao it can grow up to 6mtr (20ft). Very drought tolerant.