Capparis indica of Oliba, Palu Pretu

Capparis indica, 'Palu Pretu' (black tree) in Curaçao because of its almost black trunk and branches is a real 'ever green', that grows up to 4 - 8 meters (13 - 26 ft). It is native to the island and is well adjusted to our climate. Drought tolerant and withstands wind well. Its flowers are white with long stamens. The seadpods are lightbrown from the outside but red-orange inside with red seads which are eaten by birds. Often the seads are affected by insect larvea inside the pods.

Like the C. odoratissima, the C. indica has small scales on the bottom of their leaves, branches and flowers.

This tree fits very well in Curaçao gardens and when planted next to each other form a dense hedge.