Echinocactus grusonii or Golden Barrel Cactus or Gele Bolcactus

Echinocactus grusonii or Golden Barrel Cactus or Gele Bolcactus, this barrel cactus does very well in our dry climate, even though it grows at high altitudes (1400 meters/4600ft) in its natural environment in Mexico. Use it in a xeriscaoe garden (little or no irrigation or maintenance), a garden in which plants, trees and cacti are used in order to use as little water as possible.

This barrel (bol) cactus can ofcourse withstand drought and the wind exceptionally well. Beware of its spines.

The Golden barrel cactus can grow up to about 91cm/36in in nature where it can reach the age of 30 years. In rainy season it could rot if water is left standing too long, therefor use a good water-permeable type of soil (e.g. sand with some humes).