Euginia uniflora or Surinam Cherry

Euginia uniflora (Surinam Cherry) grows along the coast of South America from Surinam to Argentina.  It is used a lot now in the Caribbean, Florida and elsewhere in the tropics and sub-tropics. The fruit has a lot of anti-oxidants and is very rich in vitamin C and also vitamin A.

It has little to no problems with insects and the crushed leaves seem to be a repellent against flies.

Is used a lot as a hedge Is widely used as a hedge, can be pruned well. The young leaves are coppery/red in color. The edible fruits can have a diameter of 2-3 cm (1in) and are dark red when ripe. The ripe fruits are twhe sweetest, the yellow/orange onesare a bit sour. They are also eaten by birds.

Beautiful brush (small tree) for in the garden. For more information: