Cycas revoluta of King Sago

The Cycas revoluta is a very beautiful plant, which is used in pots as well as in the garden. Comes from the southern part of Japan. Makes 'youngsters' at the bottom of the trunk, which can be carefully torn off for rearing. The plant does not produce flowers, but male and female cones. 

The Cycads are 'primitive' plants and have been around for about 250 million years. Precursors of this plant family have served as food for dinosaurs. 

Good to use as an accent in the garden. Grows very slowly and makes a whole new series of leaves a few times a year, which mature quickly. For the rest of the year it seems to be 'at a standstill'.

Can withstand the wind and only need water now and then. The Cycas can suffer from a very difficult to control mealy bug. White fluff on the leaves and trunk. This mealy bug is resistant to many types of insecticides. What does work is coffee grounds, which can be placed on the leaves and the trunk. This works great.